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Chocolate Protein Powder

Our chocolate protein powder combines great taste with the same premium proteins we are known for. Choose from Chocolate Whey Protein, Chocolate Casein Protein or Chocolate Pea Protein. Each variety contains no artificial colors, no artificial sweetners, are gluten free and GMO free. Start your day with a declicous chocolate protein shake to supplement your daily intake and enjoy one after a workout or just before bed to aid recovery. Each of our chocolate protein powders have only 3 ingredients: protein, natural chocolate flavor and organic coconut sugar. Shop today for free shipping in the U.S. and get #nextlevelnaked.

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$ 89.99
Chocolate Whey Protein Powder
Less Naked Chocolate Whey - 5LB
$ 94.99
Chocolate Casein Protein Powder
$ 54.99
Chocolate Pea Protein Powder
Less Naked Chocolate Pea - 5LB
$ 64.99
Chocolate Weight Gainer Protein Supplement
Less Naked Chocolate Mass - 8LB
$ 64.99
Chocolate Egg White Protein Powder
Less Naked Chocolate Egg - 3LB
$ 21.99
Chocolate Whey Protein Powder 1lb
Less Naked Chocolate Whey - 1LB